Hike the Waterfall Trail in Bend, OR.

Beautiful Waterfalls for an easy two mile hike, or make it a more challenging seven mile loop.

Bend Oregon is a fantastic area for a family vacation. Hiking, boating, climbing, scrambling, biking, etc. About the only thing missing is a slot canyon to explore. This hike starts at the easy to find Tumalo Falls Picnic Area.

This hike is the Tumalo Falls hike where a youngster can experience three waterfalls in two miles (and about 700 vertical feet of gain). You can turn around here (the upper falls) or continue on to take a left at the Spring Creek Trail junction at the top, coming back down to make a seven loop.

The crux of the loop hike is a stream crossing not long after you turn onto Spring Creek Trail. It was a little surprising given how great the trails and foot bridges were up to this point. I crossed a wet and slippery log but later read in a trail guide there is a better log crossing upstream, but I can’t personally vouch for that. It isn’t deep so another option is to wade across.

A few miles down Spring Creek there take another left on Bridge Creek, about 1.5 miles from your car.

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